mardi 10 avril 2018

Duo Yamagishi / Hyvärinen à La Ferme Ta Gueule !


Soirée privée 


Lauri Hyvärinen (Finland) : guitar
Naoto Yamagishi (Japon) : percussions

Lauri Hyvärinen

Lauri Hyvärinen (b. 1986, Helsinki) uses guitar as his main sound source. His sound and music related activities are of theoretical and practical nature, of which improvisation remains as his primary medium and interest.With a background in hardcore punk, free rock and free jazz, Hyvärinen now utilises the possibilities of improvisation, compositional and minimalist structures in search for shared and intensified social and spatial constructions.

Hyvärinen has toured widely in Europe and Japan. He has performed in festivals, concert series and venues such as Cafe Oto (London), Oorstof/Sound in Motion (Antwerpen), Improtest (Tallinn), GES21 (St. Petersburg), Pixelache, La-Bas Biennale, Akusmata Sound Festival, Helsinki Festival, World Village Festival (Helsinki), Time of Music (Viitasaari), Validi Karkia (Pori) and Himera (Turku).

In 2017 Hyvärinen was composer in residence at Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) where he researched generative playback models for reproduction of so-called non-idiomatic music.

Hyvärinen has collaborated with musicians such as Ilia Belorukov, Natalia Castrillon, Sergio Castrillon, Hong Chulki, Léo Dupleix, Sandy Ewen, Seijiro Murayama, Jone Takamäki, Jack Wright.

In addition he has composed music for theatre and film and done multi-disciplinary performances with dancers and poets/writers.

Naoto Yamagishi

Naoto explore la musique d’avant la musique.
Né à Saitama au Japon en 1979. Il commence la batterie dés l'âge de 13 ans. Il a collaboré avec de nombreux artistes de différent domaines (musiciens, danseurs, poètes, photographe, artiste-média, calligraphie japonaise, ikebana,,,etc) au Japon et autour du monde.

Quelques rencontres : Isabelle Duthoit, Heddy Boubaker, David Chiesa, Anton Mobin, Jone Takamäki, Frédéric Blondy...

Inauguration de La Ruche en Scène !


18h, gratuit
Inauguration officielle d'un nouveau lieu sur Orléans 


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samedi 17 février 2018



*** North UK Winter Tour ***
28.02.2018 // 10.03.2018

As Steve Noble told me, "two gigs are already a tour!" So here we go ! New trio with drummer Charlie Collins and trumpeter Derek Saw !! Needless to say that will be a honor and extreme pleasure to replay with these two legends! uh no! in fact it does not cost anything to say it again! First stop will be at our beloved venue Access Space in Sheffield on March 1st (thanks to Jake Harries) and then, second stop at The Peer Hat in Manchester on March 4th. I would like to sincerely thank Tubers Music Manchester (David Birchall) and Tombed Visions Records (David McLean) for the support and to join their forces to organize this concert. Saxophonist David McLean will join us in an exclusive quartet for a second set and David Birchall will play duo with the drummer Phil Marks; it sounds like a crazy night of free improvised music !

Then I continue this journey in the north alone: I will intervene on March 5th and 6th in Michael Dunn' Creative Music Technology program for a lecture and presentation of my instrument, the "Prepared Chamber", and around DIY practices and instrument-building as well , plus a workshop with students on Recycled magnetic pickups at Music and Performing Arts at University Centre Doncaster !

Link >

Then, to conclude; direction Wigan for a few days to record a new duo album with my old friend and genius Adrian Beentjes, 6 years after our "Micro Sounds Biopsy" released on Zeromoon! A real ten days blast forthcoming !

For the past few years Anton Mobin and Charlie Collins musical paths have crossed and re-crossed, culminating eventually in their duo performance at the finale of Anton’s “Hugh Davies Project” at Sheffield’s Access Space. Another year passed, and a studio album recorded, their live encounter with brass specialist Derek Saw sealed the deal on the formation of this intense but thought provoking electro-acoustic trio.

CHARLIE COLLINS - waterphone & percussion

ANTON MOBIN - prepared chamber
DEREK SAW - trumpet & flugelhorn

ANTON MOBIN is an experimental musician, improviser and radio producer. He has developed DIY principles for experimental self-built instruments, which he calls "Prepared Cambers", in which there are arranged a multitude of every-day objects amplified by piezo-electric contact microphones.
He has run the label H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record since 2001, and over the last 15 years has collaborated and performed with many musicians, including Jello Biafra, Sonny Simmons, Bryan Lewis Saunders, London Improvisers Orchestra, Alexei Borisov, Benedict Taylor, Naoto Yamagishi, Daniel Thompson, Ayato, Will Connor, and Simon Henocq.

CHARLIE COLLINS is a creative percussionist, free polyrhythmic drummer, and sound artist, based in the UK. His work continues to explore the boundaries between pure sound and rhythm, frequently incorporating metal percussion and free improvisation. Early recordings for cult labels Industrial, Fetish, and Doublevision were soon followed by collaborations with many of the pioneers of free improvisation, while his interest in East Asian percussion and rhythm technique is displayed in current work with komungo player Eun-Jung Kim, pianist Yoko Miura, visual artist Bongsu Park, composer Ryoko Akama, and Butoh dancer Tsukasa Kamidate. He is one of a handful of musicians to have played both Derek Bailey’s Company Week and Top Of The Pops.

DEREK SAW has worked in free improvisation and experimental jazz since his move to Sheffield, UK, in the mid 1970s, where he later played in legendary electric free/jazz group Bass Tone Trap. In the mid eighties, together with Martin Archer, he formed the respected Hornweb saxophone quartet, while also leading Rhythm Division, which included drummer Paul Hession. Much in demand as a collaborator, his more recent activity includes touring regularly with Sonny Simmons Quartet, and performing and recording with both the Linda Sharrock Group and innovative theremin player Beatrix Ward-Fernandez Trio.

Charlie Collins, Lauren Palmer, Anton Mobin, Derek Saw, David McLean 

in Manchester!

vendredi 26 janvier 2018

E B E 4 0

E B E 4 0
H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record n°257
Production HAK, 2017
200 copies, vinyl LP + inserts : 

recto ; 2 series de 6 différents inserts, reproduit 17 fois
verso ; lyrics
15 euros + port

Collaborative project between Black Saturn
and Ayato, Table & Anton Mobin of the Collective H.A.K.
Initiated by Ned Jackson in 2014.

Instrumental versions composed in 2014 between Orléans, Lyon and Paris (France) by Ayato, Table and Anton Mobin,
sent and completed by Black Saturn with sounds and vocals, in Virginia, Illinois, USA.

Black Saturn : vocals, sounds

Ayato : guitar, tapes, turntable, mix B6

Anton Mobin : cassette manipulations, mixes

Table : turntable

Artwork by Abdelkader Benchamma
(from "Random" edited by L'Association)

mardi 23 janvier 2018


Anton Mobin, Kris Limbach & Pierce Warnecke

Co-production Middle Eight Recordings / Emitter Micro, 2017
AABA#10 / Em009, 300 copies digipack

Finally out! AKP now exists in a superb digipack edited by emitter micro and Middle Eight Recordings. It is a long-term project with F Pierce Warnecke and Kris Limbach, two long-time collaborators, soon 10 years since our first meeting in Berlin during a tour with Tom Thierus ! Here, a studio recording that was lost in a hard drive, then found, then we realized that the improv was not ultimate but that the sounds were excellent, so we went on a re-composition project with all these sound materials! 300 copies! Grab yours !!! (Crazy good work from MonotypeRec. pressing!)

"A few Sundays ago (actually about 278), three friends met up at a small city-studio with the intent of recording an album. They squeezed three tables into a triangle shape inside a square room, in a disposition that would let everyone see and hear each other equally well.

Then appeared, bit by bit, a very elegant chaos of machines and motors, objects and effects, software and noise boxes, cables and microphones, tapes and toys, and mixers and speakers which were expertly placed and/or randomly strewn across the wooden and glass tabletops, creating a kind of pawn-shop medical-research laboratory specialized in generating all things audio. More importantly, aside from the assortment of sound-related devices, were the hands, eyes and ears of the three participants. They began.

Improvisation is an elusive beast. Sometimes what should amount to an interesting result just doesn’t live up to expectations. Sometimes there is an explanation: weather, mood, health, astral alignments, kiwis. Sometimes there is none. Upon listening back multiple times to the sessions, the friends were unanimous: while there were excellent moments and interesting materials, the whole of the session was missing something. The project was abandoned.

Some Sundays later, it was proposed by one of them to take the existing materials and divide them in three, each person reworking the recordings into compositions, in the hopes that they might have a little more cohesion to them. The idea was ratified, the friends went to work and thus the present pieces were born.

More Sundays pass, more individual projects come and go. The friends stay in touch, but go their own ways. The music remains. Here it is."

Anton Mobin : prepared chamber, tapes
Kris Limbach : drums, tapes, rotors
Pierce Warnecke : laptop, electronics, microphones

Sound materials played live and multitrack recorded at emitter19 studios in Berlin, February 2012.
The sessions presented three parts that each musician took care and process/edit/mixed separately.

Mastered by Kris Limbach at e-19 studios in 2016.



Emitter Micro is a reduced label of sound and more.

Releases are generally commissioned and artists are encouraged to produce a piece that is outside of their usual practices and habits. Special attention is given to the medium and packaging. Releases are preferably unique or extremely limited objects.

About the Festival:

Emitter Micro 2015 featured Frank Bretschneider, Jakob Kirkegaard, Jim Haynes, Niko LFO and others and took place at NK, Ausland and the Taborkirche Berlin.

Emitter Micro Festival 2013 was held in three different locations in Berlin and featured artists like Phill Niblock, Thomas Ankersmit, Kim Cascone, Peter Cusack, and more. More info on the Festival page.

Emitter Micro Festival’s first edition was in 2011, and featured performances by Andy Moor+Anne-James Chaton, Tony Buck+Magda Mayas, Rinus Van Alebeek and more.

About the Curators:

Emitter Micro Label and Festival run by Kris Limbach and Pierce Warnecke from Emitter19 Studios in Berlin (Kiefholz Str. 19 Alt-Treptow).

Kris Limbach (de)

Kris Limbach (born in 1978) is a sound and visual artist residing in Berlin. Although his focus is on sound, he is also exploring constantly formats and aesthetics of cinema. In his sound art work he uses film-editing techniques, prepared drums, tape manipulation, no input mixing and a vast amount of raw and processed fieldrecordings. His performances for film and tape involves live super8 manipulation and scoring, an arte povera approach to expanded cinema. His experimental feature film project “The Lost Color” recently premiered at IBAFF Spain.

He released on labels such as Richard Garet’s Contour Editions, Staaltape, Modisti, Framework Radio, Agxivatein and collaborated with artists like Pierce Warnecke, Hopek Quirin, Anton Mobin, Jochen Arbeit, Rinus van Alebeek, Miguel A. Garcia, Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea, Lisa Müller-Trede and more. He curates, together with Pierce Warnecke, the emitter micro label and emitter micro festival, a biennial experimental sound Festival in Berlin. He is part of the artist collective Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur (AADK).

Pierce Warnecke (usa)

He's a human being, he makes electronic music and video as transmedia artist. His work explores combinations of synthetic sounds, electronic interference and object manipulation. He presents it in different places. He was born somewhere during the last century, and will die somewhere else during this century. He lives in a city in a country that's not his with three people he loves.

jeudi 4 janvier 2018

New Cassette by SCZRS !


C45 red cassette
H.A.K. LO-Fi Record N°262, K7#08

Enregistré le 25 Juillet 2015 au Château, France

Monobloc Sound Fidelity : guitar / electronics
Cisco C. : cello / synths
Anton Mobin : endless tapes

Artwork by Anton Mobin

6 euros + shipping

mardi 19 décembre 2017


ϟ L’exposition Indexmakers s'active jusqu’au bout pour vous proposer une journée consacrée à la transmission des savoirs et des ressources ϟ

Au programme :
ϟ 14h - 16h Deux Ateliers de Do It Yourself, GRATUIT pour tous
avec le Fablab lyonnais La MYNE et l'artiste Anton Mobin
N'oubliez pas de réserver au 03 81 94 43 58 ou

Atelier "Recycled Pickups", Le 19

ϟ 16h "Cabinet de curiosités numériques", performance d’Isabelle Moulin

ϟ 17h - 19h Table ronde autour des formes alternatives des transmission des savoirs , avec le fablab La MYNE - Manufacture des Idées et Nouvelles Expérimentations, le Réseau d'Échanges Réciproque de Savoirs : les Créatures, Fabien Pinaroli...

ϟ 20h Apéro-Concert "Chambre préparée", performance improvisée sur un instrument insolite par Anton Mobin

Solo Collision @ Le 19, CRAC

ϟ Projection en continu du film "Tel qu’on le voit" (1986) d’Harun Farocki pendant tout le week-end

jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Rien Ni Personne , vol. II & III


Final volume of this collection of France's finest artists.

Compiled by Tristan Koreya
Artwork and booklet by Jef Benech'

samedi 28 octobre 2017

Concert à L'Entrela', Brussels

L'Entrela', Centre Culturel d'Evere, Brussels

(aka Rudy Romanowsky)


Rudy Romanowski et Anthony Baron sont tous deux musiciens, créateurs d’instruments insolites, passionnés de lutherie expérimentale et d’improvisation. Ils viendront accompagnés de leurs « chambres préparées » et autres structures sonores pour une performance unique aux sonorités profondes, subtiles et parfois déjantées.

jeudi 21 septembre 2017

Duo w/ Gabriel Lemaire à MEDIATHEQUE d'ORLEANS

JEUDI 28 SEPTEMBRE 2017, 18:30
à l'auditorium Marcel Reggui de la Médiathèque d'Orléans :
premier live du duo avec Gabriel Lemaire du OO Tricollectif OO !!!!!!!

Gabriel Lemaire : Sax baryton, alto et clarinette sib

Anton Mobin : Chambre Préparée 

Suite à une première rencontre dans le cadre des Soirées Tricot 2016, Gabriel Lemaire, aux saxophones et à la clarinette, et Anton Mobin, à la chambre préparée, instrument qu'il a créé, se lancent dans une aventure à deux.
Leurs parcours musicaux, bien que très différents l'un de l'autre, les amènent sur un terrain commun, où l'improvisation et l'expérimentation sont au cœur d'un monde sonore en mouvement.

Photo : Elise Lory